Sunday, May 29, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran And The Phenomenon of Early Marriage ....

According to ISNA news agency - 

Girls as old as 10 years old are allowed by judiciary to marry. 

These girls whom the ISNA called them as the " mothers of dolls"  go to husbands home while they are as old as 10 .

For example the report says:
Based on a statistics by registration office in Khorasan province ( TARSHIZ REGION ) out of 1813 wedding last year , the age of half of the girls were between 10 to 19 years . And in another report out of 1962  wedding cases, the wedding age of girls for the previous year was also between 10- 19.

Based on the UN convention on wedding age , the convention reads that, the wedding must be agreed between the two parties , but in Iran the parents force the child girl as age as 10 to marry which is illegal according to UN convention.


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