Saturday, May 28, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran And 37 Years Copy / Imitation From The Savak Of The Shah ......

" Savak" was the horrific intelligence service of the late Shah of Iranbefore 1978-79 revolution.
Since the revolution , Khomeini's regime in Iran established its Islamic regime and the mosque based intelligence or Sepah intelligence. Like the early Islam in 622 AD , it increased its influence and expand its power and upon reaching to a stable level ,started to suppress the opposition and killed or jailed thousands of them. and it continued its cruelty towards opposition up until now.

News - Pyknet
Sepah intelligence in its new raid arrested Shima Babaei in her home. At the time of arrest ,the Sepah intelligence had no charges against Shima but arrested anyway like the old Savak style arrest , arrest , detain and lay charge after .....

Shims's father also was in prison in the past for 44 months and received 74 lashes which made him sick in prison and later was released .

Shima is charged for her participation in protest gatherings.


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