Sunday, May 29, 2016

Islamic Regime's Judiciary Court In The City Of Ghazvin Sentenced The Participants Of A Graduation Party To Lashes .....

35 Girls And Boys Received 99 Lashes for Their Participation In A Mixed Graduation Party 

According to news coming from Iran, the judiciary court of revolution in the city of Ghazvin sentenced 35 mix participants ( Girls / boys) of a graduation party to lashes.
According to news these students girls and boys after graduation participated in a party and drink  alcoholic beverages .
Mr. Esmail Sadegh Niyaraki The prosecutor of the court of revolution in the city of Ghazvin said, these punishment carried out to serve as a warning or lesson to them and others not to do it again in the city.

Another News: 
In another news regime sentenced 17 Gold Mine worker of " Agh Dareh" in the city of Tekab in Azarbayejan province  to 30 to 100 lashes for their protest . The workers made the protest against the lay off of 350 of their co workers by the company.


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