Saturday, June 04, 2016

Ali Motahari Deputy To Parliamentary Speaker And A Moderate Islamist Said : Islam Agrees With Thoughts But Not With Belief / Opinion .....!!!!?????

According to news on last Thursday evening in a debate between Ali Motahari and Mohammad Hossein Ghadiri Abyaneh former Ambassador to European countries .
Ali Motahari the son of late Islamic scholar and current deputy of the parliamentary speaker said; Islam agrees with individual thoughts but not with opinion .!!!???

He added: "Opinion is different from thoughts. Islam agrees with thoughts but not with opinion because every opinion doesn't have the source of  thought or rational and many opinions are taken /coming from bigotry and superstitions and because of that, Islam had fought with these kinds of opinions and calls it a chain on peoples feet and hands."

Motahari added: " West contrary to Islam believes that freedom of individual is up to a point where no one get hurt/harm from that freedom but freedom in Islam is up to a point where the society , the individual and those in the future won't get hurt from it.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: In a way he is not saying anything new , like other Islamists he also believe that , Everyone is free up until a point where not to do anything against Islam or their Islamic believe or Islamic State. !!!!?????

This guy is trying to show to Iranian people that he is a moderate Moslem, one must ask him , do you shake hands with women?
Do you believe women are equal to men?
Do you believe that Iranian Bahai's are human being and have right to have their opinions and therefore must enjoy equal rights with other Iranian ?

Do you believe in " Ghesas " ?

and so many other questions .......

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