Thursday, June 02, 2016

Mohammad Javad Zarif Islamic Regime's Foreign Minister : I Am Ready To Enter Into Dialogue With Europeans On Human Rights .....

According to ILNA news agency , Mohammad Javad Zarif the foreign ministry of the Islamic regime in Iran said; He is ready to enter into dialogue with Europeans and liberal democracies on human rights. He added : But i have told to Mogherini that our discussion must be bilateral .
Zarif said: About human rights issues we have to enter into dialogue not only about our region but other region as well , because extremism isn't the product of our region only , its the product of your region as well , like ISIS members who speaks english with British accent . 

Mr. Zarif is calling liberal democracy countries to start making dialogue about human rights . He added: I have been teaching human rights since 1988 and human rights is part of Islamic culture since 1400 years ago ( he is intentionally not mentioning about Achaemenid period 2550 years ago when cyrus the great the king of Achaemenid released the slaves in Babylonia and declared human rights for all which was written on a clay cylinder ).
Mr. Zarif said ; everyone has interest on human rights and we must completely review the human rights .

Federica mogherini is an Italian politician who have dealt the nuclear issues with Zarif .  She is also European Union's representative for negotiation with other countries. 

Mr. Zarif is the foreign minister of the Islamic regime a theocratic regime in Iran with despotic reputation around the world.  Zaria , not only denies there are systematic human rights violation in Iran but believes Iran is a democracy and he also believes there is no political prisoners in Iran and there is no journalists in his regimes prison. 
Zarif should first clean his house from the mess his regime is making and then negotiate with others about their record on human rights . 
Under Islamic regime in Iran the Iranian woman do not have their basic right what to wear!!!???
Under his regime the Bahai's are prosecuted, imprisoned or killed , and their properties are confiscated .

Under his regime Islamic laws of 1400 years ago are practiced today which sentences people for Ghesas , meaning blood for blood , eye for eye and judiciary chops the hands or fingers of the people who commit the crime for stealing and punishes people by lashing in the public . 

and so many many many more .........


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