Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Situation of Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand The Iranian -Kurdish Journalist and Human Rights Advocate is Between Life and Death .......

According to news coming from HRANA , Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand the imprisoned Iranian -Kurdish journalist and human rights advocate who is on hunger strike for 25 days while inside ward 350 in Evin prison  and the doctors are trying to save his life from the heart attack.
During the hunger strike Mohammad Sediq has lost a lot of weight and the potassium in his blood dropped as well as his blood pressure  .

Mohammad Sediq's only crime is being a journalism and  defending  human rights in Kurdistan and Iran .

A sources close to his family said, because of hunger strike and low potassium in his blood, the risk   of blood cloth will increase the heart attack to a high level.

He is currently in Taleghani Hospital but continues the hunger strike .


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