Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Homa Hoodfar 65 Years Old Retired Iranian-Canadian Professor Of Concordia University Is In Evin Prison In Iran .....

She Also Holds Irish Citizenship .......

According to news , Doctor Homa Hoodfer is an Iranian- Canadian professor of Anthropology in Concordia University of Montreal is arrested on Monday June 6 , 2016 .

Ms. Hoodfar said;  five days before her arrest , she received a summon to attend at the prosecutors office on June 6 ,2016 and it was at the office she was arrested , while she was free before that.

According to her parents ,Ms. Hoodfar travelled to Iran  to visit her parents and do research on the presence of Iranian women in the election in Iran but on March 9, 2016 two days before her return to Canada the Sepah agents attended at her home and told her she is banned to leave the country .

Homa's sister Katayoon Hoodfer told to reporters that, on June 1 , she received a phone call and she was asked to attend at the prosecutors office on June 6 and she was arrested there.
The Sister added that, at first her sister taught it is a misunderstanding and thats why she didn't publicize the issue.

Report indicates that, Two days before her travel back to Canada Sepah intelligence attended at her home and searched the house , went through her personal belonging , and took her lap top , passport , books , her identity cards, her research booklets and her cell phone and those agents told her that she is banned to leave the country.

She was summoned, interrogated for several times and deposited more than 100,000,000 Tuman for the bail ( Tuman -Iranian Money - One US dollar is = 3300 Tuman ).

Her parents indicated that; she suffers from a kind of nerve problem and she had brain hemorrhage in the past and her situation deteriorated after the interrogation.

Her family members wrote; We the family members of Homa Hoodfar worried about her health  and hold the Islamic republic judiciary responsible for her safety .

Homa Hoodfar has written extensive article on sexuality and Islam and she is also a citizen of Ireland.

Ms. Hoodfar had travelled several times to Iran in the past. And has so many research on women situation in Egypt and Afghanistan......

Regime  accused her of  collaborating with a foreign country against Islamic Republic .


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