Saturday, June 18, 2016

Doctor Hassan Nayeb Hashem On Hunger Strike in Support Of Political Prisoners in Iran .......

According to news , Doctor Hassan Nayeb Hashem in support of the 6 imprisoned political and human rights prisoners went on hunger strike. 

While the UN human rights council is having their session in Geneva , doctor Hassan Nayeb Hashem a well known human rights advocate went on hunger strike in support of 6 Iranian political and human rights prisoners who are also on hunger strike in Islamic regimes prisons. 

While Governments around the world , particularly European and US normalizing their relation with the current so called "moderate" government in Iran for economic gain and closing their eyes on human rights violation under Islamic regime in Iran , the cry of political and human rights prisoners are rising against their silence . According to news in recent months many political prisoners went on hunger strike against all the injustices by the Islamic regime including the government of Hassan Rohani. 

By going into the hunger strike , Doctor Hassan Nayeb Hashem intend to bring the voice of imprisoned Iranian political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Islamic regime's prisons.


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