Monday, June 13, 2016

My Interrogator Known As " Doctor 240 " Was Threatening Me To Sexually Assaulting Me.......

Hengameh Shahid member of " Etemade Melli " party and one of the advisor to 2009 Presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi ( Who is now under house arrest) .

Ms. Hengameh Shahid break her silence and explains her imprisonment story after seven years ........

" My  body freezes from the cold cell of 240 , my hands were painful because of punching on the door and wall of 240 , my throat punctured because of my screams against my interrogator known as doctor 240, my interrogator said had made me a favour in a room with two by one closed door  and no one was there except him and me , not sexually assaulting me although he is allowed to do is because of his human dignity " .

She added: " The Interrogator was trying to force me for forced confession video recording that , i am a spy of MI6 came from England to Iran ( Because i studies four years for my Phd. in England) to bring message to the head of green movement to ask people to come out to the streets to protest .

She spoke about her ordeal , escaping from many agents of the regimes who where searching for her, she was hiding in friends house , she even bought ticket to return to England but was unable and finally she was kidnapped in Haravy Square in Tehran and brought to Evin prison and was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.  She spoke of spending time in solitary confinement and spending time in ward number 209 and intense  interrogation and ......


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