Sunday, June 19, 2016

Khamenei The Leader Of The Islamic Regime in Iran To Pro -Regime Students And University Officials : Don't Allow Universities To Become A Place For Dissidents Students To The Islamic Republic .......

Khamenei Warned : Prevent the growth of The Dissident Students  in the universities ....???!!!!!

After 36 Years Of Reign Why Khamenei Still  Afraid From Students ??!!!

According to news coming from Iran , Khamenei the leader of the Islamic regime in Iran in a meeting with pro- regime students and university officials asked them no to allow the universities to become a place for dissident students and opposition to Islamic republic. and he also asked them to guide the  universities to support the Islamic Republic and teach the students about the fundamentals of the Islam.


IRAN WATCH CANADA: Iranian universities were always a place of national awareness and struggle for freedom and against despotism whether secular dictatorship or religious totalitarianism or despotism. Despite of years of suppression and oppression against Iranian students , regime was and is unable to bring the students under their control . despite of making some kind of fake student organizations , still the true and real students carry their social networking and underground organization in Iranian universities and one day they will come out again to challenge the despotic Islamic regime , thats why Khamenei is afraid of Iranian students......

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