Friday, August 19, 2016

Where is Golro Rahemipour , The Baby Girl Who Was Born 32 Years ago in Evin Prison?????!!!!!

Golro Rahemipour ( a baby girl) was born 32 years ago in Evin prison .  Her father and mother at the time were arrested and soon after arrest she was born in Evin prison .  Soon after her birth despite of attempt by relatives including her aunt to locate or find her , regime denied her existence .
Raheleh Rahemipour at a rally with a placard which read: You have killed my brother Hossein Rahemipour , What have you done with his daughter?!!??
Her mother was released from prison several years after her birth and her father was executed. Her aunt but continued to ask the authorities on her whereabout and her continued questions angered the regime officials and intelligent agents , until recently she was summoned to prosecutors office at Evin prison and now there are speculation that she has been threatened for arrest .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: This is the situation of the oppositions in the Islamic regime .


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