Wednesday, July 06, 2016

More Than 700 Journalists And Activists Received Text From Regime Forces Warning Them not to contact with the counter revolutionaries and opposition outside of Iran .

According to " zeytoon"  website and Radio Farda , more than 700 journalists and social activists in Iran on last Thursday received a threatening text message , warning them " not to contact with the counter revolutionaries and oppositions outside of Iran  " .

This text messages were sent via the last four numbers of the personal phone and warned them that;  " this is the last warning " .

The text message reads: " Any contact with counter revolutionaries outside of Iran via email, secured portal , and other means of communication is a criminal act and will be investigated by judiciary, it is necessary to cut off your communication with them."

It has been said that; journalists , student activists and family's of the political prisoners and ....received this text messages at 7 pm on last Thursday .

A Way To Muzzle The Journalists And Social Activists In Iran .


Mr. Ejeie the judiciary spokesperson, confirmed the news in his press conference and said nothing about the source of this text messages and as usual backed those who have sent the text message instead of revealing about the source . In the meantime the Ministry of Information said; they were not the source of the text message which were sent to these individuals.


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