Monday, August 22, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran and Injustices Over Justice .............Justice for Attaullah Rezvani The Bahai Citizen Who was Killed Three Years Ago....

Three years have passed since the assassination style killing of Attaullah Rezvani an innocent man, a father and an Iranian Bahai who after a day of work was walking at night in the city of Bandar Abbas, when an assailant fired the gun and shot and killed him .

Attaullah Rezvani with family members

After three years the police forces of the regime are unable to find the assailant or assailants .

The killing was reported in IRAN WATCH CANADA three years ago .

The regime officials instead of looking for the assailants and to bring justice to the case, instead asking victims family members to keep silence .


 Bahai's are under constant threat and target of the regime thugs . They are also being continuously   threatened  by Friday prayer or other regime officials from the official podiums .

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