Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Iranian Workers Gathered In Front Of The Parliament and protested Against The New Labour Law Presented by Government To The Majles ( Parliament) .....

According to news , while the Majles ( Parliament ) was reviewing the new labour law presented by the Government to the parliament , the Iranian workers organized by Free Labour Union today gathered in front of the parliament in Tehran and protested against this new legislation up until 12:00 noon . The Workers sent three representatives to the parliament to discuss their side of the story with the MP's . Ms. Parvin Mohammadi including Ms. Ashraf Banaei and Ms. nahid Khodajoo told to the commission on Social committee that, the workers won't agree with this new legislation.
The workers want their wage be increased.

Ms. Parvin Mohammadi said: Millions of workers live outside the city and in poverty, Millions are without job and are underpaid and live below poverty line and thousands of the workers receive their salary sometimes months later.......

The workers demanded solution to their situation .


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