Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mr. Esmail Abdi The General Secretary Of Iran Teachers Union Is Sentenced To 6 Years Imprisonment.......

News coming from Iran .....

According to news, the court of appeal approved the 6 years imprisonment sentencing of  Mr. Esmail Abdi the general secretary of the Iran Teachers Union .

According to news , the division 36 of the appeal court of the Islamic regime in Iran has approved the six years imprisonment sentencing of Mr. Esmail Abdi.
Mr. Abdi was sentenced by Judge Salavati in February last years to six years imprisonment , which he appealed , but approved now by the appeal court .

In July last year Mr. Abdi as representative of Iran Teachers was on his way to participate in an International Teachers Union Session in Canada when arrested and was in prison for 16 days when he was released on bail of 300, 000,000 million Tuman.
Mr. Abdi have been arrested four other times in the past and five years ago he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


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