Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mohammad Ali Taheri The Founder Of A Group Known As " Erfane Halghe" Is On Hunger Strike In Evin Prison.

According to news coming from Evin prison via Erfan News Agency ( ENA) , Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of Erfane Halgheh is on his 10th day of hunger strike in protest to his continued incarceration in ward number 2- Alef in Evin prison despite of him rejecting all the accusation put forward by the interrogators during interrogations. Based on Mr. Taheri not admitting the allegations ,the head of the Shahid Moghadas  prosecutor office at Evin prison in Tehran discharged him from persecution . But the security and intelligence forces of the Islamic regime is not releasing him from prison and still keeping him in prison.

This hunger strike is Mr. Taheri's 16th hunger strike in protest against his incarceration. Ms. Sotoudeh a women lawyer and a human rights defender who also spent many years in prison said: The security forces are putting pressure on judges to get what they want , which is the continued incarceration of Mr. Taheri . But there are no complainants against Mr. Taheri and the security forces are putting Mr. Taheri on repeated interrogations and torture to force him to confess on what he does not want to admit.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri is suffering from health deterioration and according to the doctors who have warned him on his health condition and the need for hospitalization .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: He must be released now before it is too late.


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