Monday, September 26, 2016

To Know About The Biggest Women Prison In Iran - " The Gharechak Women Prison - In Shahr Ray " ......

According to report by HRANA , the biggest women prison in Iran yet to known as " Gharechak women prison" or in other name as " Women Kahrizak " .

Kahrizak prison became known after the 2009 green movement uprising in Iran ,where no one knows exactly how many young protester were killed . Earlier report said , Said Mortazavi the infamous judge was in charge of the prison.

This prison is located about 17 km - between Tehran and the city of Varmin high way in a place known as Gharechak . The place has salty water and low hygiene and dangerous disease .

According to this report , this prison facility accommodate  about 2000 women and their children.

Gharechak prison has 6 ward and every ward accommodate about 200 to 300 women prisoners and the prisoners aren't divided based on the crime they have committed.

This prison facility lack all kinds of healthy environment from populated facility to water, food , showers and proper medical facilities that the women are more vulnerable to disease including their children.


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