Thursday, September 08, 2016

6 People Are Arrested and 30 others have received summons In The City Of Mashhad In Regard To Modelling ...........

According to a report by Tasnim news agency , 36 people are arrested in the city of Mashhad in regard to modelling.

According to the deputy of the prosecutor of the court of revolution in the city of Mashahd , 8 business places in regard to modelling are closed by the authorities , 6 people are arrested and 30 others received summons.

Judge Hassan Heydary said all these people were trying to change the socio- cultural identity of the country.

He added: Sepah must defend the cultural heritage of the Islamic regime .

In a news conference judge Heydary said: Three women and three men are arrested in this regard and 30 other people are summoned and 8 business location are closed by authorities.


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