Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sahar Behest The Sister Of Satar Behest ( The Iranian Blogger Who Was Killed Inside Evin Prison) And Her Husband Are Arrested .....

According to HRANA report , On the annual commemoration event of Satar Beheshti on Friday ,  regime agents prevented people who have tried to attend at Satar's Father home to celebrate Satars life and to mourn for his lost .
Sahar and her mother

The agents closed the alley where the event was going to be held  and also prevented people from going to the alley . They also took photo and film from people entering the house .
The report also added that; Sahar Beheshti and her husband were also"  beaten and arrested " and were transferred in an unknown location .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Satar Beheshti was the Iranian worker and blogger who was arrested ,detained and then killed in the prison under torture.



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