Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Several People Are Arrested In Iran for using mobile program such as Telegram, Instagram , Whats App.....

Radio Zamaneh-

According to a news a group of  people have been arrested in relation to using mobile program such as Telegram, instagram , Watsapp and .....

The website known as " Gerdab " ( Whirlpool ) which is run by " Sepah" intelligence reported that , 450 people are arrested in relation to what they wrote as " organized crime " .

The arrests and detention of bloggers and internet users are common under Islamic regime.

According to this report , those arrested were managing the social mobile networking such as WhatsApp , Instagram , Telegram and .......

According to the report , those arrested have committed crime against , religious belief and the Islamic sacred .....

The " Gerdab"  website also threatened the internet users for arrest and punishment.


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