Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mansoureh Behkish The Sister Of Six Political Prisoners Who Were Killed In A Mass Murder In Iran Is Banned Again From Leaving The Country ......

According to news coming from Iran, Mansoureh Bahkish sister of six political prisoners who were all killed in a mass killing by Islamic regime in 1988 was leaving Iran on Sept. 17 , 2016 to visit her daughter in Ireland when the agents at the gate told her she is banned to leave Iran and they took her passport and told her to follow the case through prosecutors office at  Evin Prison .

Ms. Mansoureh explained the situation as follows :

" On Friday September 17 i was traveling to Ireland .  A journey which supposed to bring me joy and peace , particularly after the death of my dear mother, i have had difficult period and still not normal due to her absence. I wanted to be away from all the tensions and pressures of Iran and have three months quiet time with my daughter in Dublin . of course she is a professor and we couldn't be together during the day time , but i had plan to walk in parks and see the sceneries and to make connection with people , to strengthen my English and to have peace of mind . I also had plan to attend at the library of the universities and to become familiar with their cultural environment , and at the evening when my daughter's work is finished, we will have happy and joyful time together and to strengthen energy. But unfortunately they did not let this to happen and therefore deprived us from our basic human rights ,the right to meet /meet each other. "

" The security agents of the regime at the airport , like the year 2009 when i was traveling to Italy to visit my other daughter , at first put the exit stamp in my passport to make me quiet, but later banned me from leaving Iran to Italy and forced me to return home from the airport. But in both two instances my name was paged for several times and echoed in the airport. the agents then found me at the flight gate and took my passport and asked me to go with them to an office and at the office, they gave me a letter and told me to follow up the passport from the prosecutors office at Evin prison. i asked them , why , on what basis / reason ??!! they replied : we are just an agents and don't know nothing????!!!! And then i screamed and let them and people at the airport know about all the cruelty the regime have done on us...Passengers at the airport who were listening and looking at me, approached me and showed solidarity with me , and when the agents saw the situation , in order to make me quiet, the played a national song of " Ey Iran " from the loudspeakers .

" As simple as this , they destroyed my traveling plan , and by taking my passport and giving me a letter for follow up at Evin prosecutors office .

She added :"  I will send The gifts that i have bought for my daughter by post ......I have my suitcase ready at my home if they take me to Evin prison ......They can't make us the " family's for Justice " quiet . Regime must know that the patience of the people is limited and one day the wave of the protest and call for justice will flow again , and that time it will be too late for the regime. "

Excerpts from Mansoureh Behkish's letter.......





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