Saturday, October 08, 2016

Islamic regime In Iran And Militarization Of Kurdistan Cities.......

According to news coming from Iran via Kurdistan Human Rights Defenders Association , regime in Iran  is militarizes Kurdistan cities. For the second time people in the city of Marivan protested against the regime for not repairing the roads  . Instead of looking into the problems and making roads safe for the people ,regime has brought its security  and military forces into the city. Regime forces has arrested five of those protesters.
Based on the news in recent months , because of unsafe roads and the transfer of inflatable materials by tankers between the city of Sanandaj and Marivan many young people has lost their lives due to accidents .
Security forces of the regime have arrested five of the organizers of the protest known as " No to the death tankers ". The names of these people are :
Syrian Khornika, Artin Hassanzadeh, Bahareh Arefi , Parvin Rezaei and Adel Rashidi ......

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