Monday, September 26, 2016

47 Bahai Students Are Deprived From Taking University Entrance Examination And To Continued Education ...

According to report , 47 Bahai students who are at the stage of entering to the university to continue their education this year , were disqualified by the regime authorities . The names of these students are released .

Regime carries a biased and discriminatory policy towards Bahai faith students and their families  .
Regime not only carries discrimination policy towards Bahai's but also prosecute them. As a result of this apartheid policies , thousands of Iranian Bahai left the country and many have been killed and their spiritual leaders are in prison and .......

The Bahi students not only deprived from continuing their education but also deprived or jobs in Governmental institutions.

The Campaign known as " not hurting and imprisoning the Bahai's " have prepared the list of 47 students who were disqualified by regime cultural revolutionary council  .


IRAN WATCH CANADA:  The Government of Hassan Rohani and his minister do agree of course with this policies ,otherwise would have interfered ...........

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