Monday, October 10, 2016

40 Iranian Student Organizations From Different Universities Demanded For The Release Of The Yashar Soltani The Manager Of " Memari News " Website .....

According to news coming from Iran , 40 Iranian student organizations from different universities in a statement demanded that, regime judiciary to release Yashar Soltani the manager of the website known as " Memari News " .  This website have had articles about the selling of public properties by Tehran city officials , which then opened a corruption file against city Hall officials and a national dialogue against the regime in general .......

According to news, these student organizations believe journalist Yashar Soltani have don nothing wrong except informing people about the corruption in the city Hall by regime officials including Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf the Mayor of Tehran.

 The statement aded that, it is the student organizations legal and moral duty to defend the rights of the citizens .

Journalist Yashar Soltani is in prison since 22 days ago for just informing public about the corruption in the city hall.

The prosecutor have asked for 200 million Tuman for his bail but  not ready to release him on bail. something unusual in judiciary system. Judiciary officials including prosecutor are looking into more informations to add on Mr. Soltani's file , something judiciary official and security agents do to keep journalists and human rights advocates in prison.


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