Saturday, October 22, 2016

Representative of The Iranian Zoroastrian In The Islamic Regime Parliament Have protested To Isfahan City Friday Prayer Imam....

According to ISNA , Doctor Esfandiyar  Ekhtiyari representative of  the Iranian Zoroastrian in the Islamic regime parliament have strongly protested to Isfahan city Friday prayer Imam .

MP Esfandiyar Ekhtiyari demanded from Isfahan Friday prayer Imam to respect the people's divine faith and their religion. MP Ekhtiyari said : " Unfortunately on Oct. 14 in Isfahan Friday prayer , on a strange reason , you have called the heroic and honourable Zoroastrian Iranian citizens unfairly as people who believe in dual gods . He added that: "The Zoroastrian always have believed in one God."

Clergy yousef Tabatabainejad, Isfahan Friday prayer Imam on October 14 Friday prayer have said: The Zoroastrian believe in two Gods , the Evil/ satanic God and the God of Good .

 MP Ekhtiyari have demanded from members of the assembly of expert to respect people's belief and faith and not to spread or cause division among people with their speeches .

Islamic clergies have always called the Zoroastrians as " Fire Worshipers ".


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