Monday, November 21, 2016

Parastoo Frohar The Daughter Of Dariush & Parvaneh Frohar Speaking to ICFHR Said: The Security Forces Have Prevented The Commemoration Ceremony Of Her Parents Who Were Murdered At Their Home 18 Years Ago.....

Excerpts from the news -
Parastoo Frohar the daughter of Dariush and Parvaneh Frohar who were murdered 18 years ago at their home by agents of the ministry of Information , speaking to International Campaign for Human Rights said: The security agents have prevented the annual commemoration event again.

She had announced earlier that she would hold the event at her parents house and she provided the address but from 10 am  seven to eight security agents closed the alley and prevented the people from entering the house .

Not only her request for permit to hold the event is denied to her and the family and friend and members of Melat Party were unable to hold a vigil but also she was summoned to the prosecutors office for some explanation on why she is interested to continue holding the commemoration event.

Parastoo Frohar an artist who live outside Iran , every year returns to Iran to hold the commemoration event but its been denied .

Not only the security forces threaten or intimidate / harasses her not to bring people together at the house where her parents were horrendously murdered by the agents of the ministry of information but  after 18 years still the Islamic regime afraid this single event will cause head ache for the regime.

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Iran Wire- Cartoon by Iranian Cartoonist Toka Neyestani :

That murdering happened during the Government of Mohammad Khatami 18 years ago and the agents were arrested and investigated and accepted committing the crime . The video of the confession by Said Emami the security agent of the time and his wife is available in youtube .  Said Emami the agent later committed suicide .
All Parastoo Frohar is seeking is the justice for the family by continuing to commemorate the event each year.

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