Thursday, October 05, 2017

Iranian teachers From 20 Provinces, Today Staged Their protest in All Over Iran .........

News -

Thousands of Iranian teachers , including the retired one , staged rally today in 20 provinces .

Thousands of Iranian teachers attended at the rally today which was called earlier by the Coordinating Council Of The Iranian Teachers Union. The theme of the rally was " A just Budget " .
In This rally which took place from 10:00 - 12 :00 am today , teachers demanded for the increase in budget for the ministry of education. At the end of the rally , the leaders read their resolution .

The resolution was all about the increase in budget for the ministry of Education in order to facilitate a better future for the teachers including those retired and their benefit and job security for new and old teachers .

The slogans reads:
The teachers place Is Not In Prison !
We will Stand For Our Demands Until The End!
Imprisoned Teacher, Worker , Student Must Be Released !
I Want To Live , Don't Give Us Promises !


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