Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ms. Parastoo Froohar : My Passport was Taken Away By Airport Agent , When I Returned To Iran.....And I have To Attend To The Court On Next Saturday .....

According to news, Parastoo Foroohar the daughter of late Darius And Parvaneh Foroohar ( who were brutally killed with knives at their home by security agents 19 years ago ), was returning to Iran from Germany to hold a memorial ceremony for her parent , but her passport is taken away by airport intelligent officer and she is to attend at court on next Saturday to hear about the allegations against her .

She also invited people via her weblog to attend at a memorial ceremony at her home address for a ".  Two Hours Silence "  which is going to take place from 4:pm to 6:00 pm at the following address:
  Darvazeh Shimran , Kheyabane( Street ) Hedayat , Koucheh( Alley ) Moradzadeh , Shomareh  ( No. )18 , The home of Froohar's where they have been murdered .

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