Monday, November 13, 2017

No News About Mohammad Milad Zam After 70 Days Imprisonment.....

News -

After 70 days detention of Mohammad Milad Zam the brother of Ruhollah Zam the founder of " Amad News " website , there are no news about his whereabout .

Based on the news , clergy Mohammad Ali Zam the former deputy of Tehran Mayor and the head of the " Houzeh Honari " Centre For Art" and father of Mohammad Milad Zam is bared by Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi the Tehran public prosecutor from following the case .

At present two members of Mr. Zam's family are in security prison. The other member of Mr. Zam's family member is his niece, who was arrested one month ago , when security forces stormed on their home .
 Based on the news, they are accused of having connection with " Amad News " .

Amad news website recently reported that , the daughter of the head of the Islamic Republic judiciary , Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is acting as an espy for the British Embassy in Tehran. The news has also reported that she is currently in prison and under investigation.

The security forces are putting pressure on Mr. Zam's family because they want Ruhollah Zam the founder of Amad News to return to the country . Mr. Rouhollah Zam is currently in France and based on the news his life is in great danger .


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