Friday, September 07, 2018

Jafar Behkish's Call For Justice .......

Case file for grievances by Jafar Behkish about the murdering and disappearance of his siblings / members of his family …..Jafar Behkish lost his six members of family in a mass killing of the political prisoners inside prison by the Islamic regime in Iran.

The letter of grievances by Jafar Behkish to Hassan Rohani and Tehran public courts about the murdering, missing and hurting or harassing of his family by those main culprits is unanswered again and again by the officials……

“ On September first / 2017 i have written a letter of grievances about the murdering and disappearing of my loved ones and the harassment of my family by the main culprits  to Hassan Rohani  ( The President) and sent the copy to other Iranian officials including the head of judiciary power and Canadian authorities including the foreign Affairs  and UN reporters and honourable Asma Jahangir in order to achieve the truth and justice . “

Mr. Behkish have done this procedure for several times but with no response from the officials.
His mom past away a few years ago and during her living years she called for justice but without any response .
After her mom passing away her sister Mansoureh Behkish echoed her moms call and continued the call for justice……


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