Friday, January 17, 2020

Justice For All the People On Board Of Ukrainian Plane flight PS 752......

Islamic regime in Iran is one of the worst regime in our current world . World must see and hear this regime like the Freedom loving people of Iran .

This regime is built on lies since the beginning of revolution. Khomeini the founder of the Islamic regime in Iran deceived all opposition and its own circle of supporters with lies. Before the revolution Khomeini promised the opposition including the communists groups for freedom for all , Freedom of Expression , justice and respect for all . He also promised the people for free hydro bills , or everyone would be given a house ....But of course later he got rid of them one by one . From Bazargan to Sadeq qotbzadeh to Banisader and others including all the oppositions.

Three days After the plane crash and denial by the regime in Iran, when the world pressure build up against them,  regime have admitted that its forces mistakenly brought down the plane by a surface to air missiles  killing all the 176 passengers  among them 82 Iranian  , 57 Iranian -Canadian , German , several Afghan , 11 Ukrainian , British and Swedish  .

So , Iranian people don't trust this regime in Iran and the Canadian Prime Minister and the rest of the Canadian officials and the world should be very careful when dealing with this regime .

Canadian Government must continue to call on Justice for all the victims of flight # PS752 national tragedy.

Canada should not act like naive .  Must stand strong to defend its own peoples interest , in this case to defend the victims and their families . The regime in Iran may play tricky games and to deceive the Government of Canada. Iranian want Justice ........

We the Iranian as well as the world will continue to watch  .........

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