Thursday, October 28, 2004

" Arrest..Arrest...Arrest..., Increase protest with more unrest

the site of " Asre No " - Oct. 28/2004
200 political , university and media personalities in a protest letter demanded for the freedom of Mr. Taghi Rahmani, Hoda Saber and Reza Alijani.
Mr. Rahmani, Saber and Alijani are in prison since 16 months ago. The judiciary authorities accused them for " conspirecy against national security " during the protests of July and August 2003. ***The " Association of Writer's in Iran " , Has called for the release of Naser Zarafshan . ***Freshteh Ghazi the reporter of "Etemad" newspaper has been arrested. Her husband , Mr. Ahmad Biglu in a contact with the reporter of " ISNA" has said : This morning " Ghazi" because of a telephon call from yesterday , summoning her to branch # 9 of the airport judiciary , attended the location and since then has been imprisoned.

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