Friday, October 29, 2004

"Why regime is banning political and NGO advocates to leave the country!?"

" MIHAN " , One of the magazin on the site of Gooya.
" Mohammad Ali Dadkhah" Has been banned to leave Iran.
This news is prepared by " Peyman Pak -Mehr " - Journalist from Tabriz.
"Tabriz News " Human Rights services. " Mohammad Ali Dadkhah " Spoksperson for the Association in Defense of Iran's Human Rights, has been banned to leave the country.
In continuation of banning political and human rights advocates leaving Iran to attend conferences , " Mohammad Ali-Dadkhah ", a court lawyer who had planned to have speech in France and England, has been banned to leave the country. Prior to this, "Emadodin Baghi" and "Mohammad Malaki" were also banned to leave Iran.
"Mohammad Ali-Dadkhah" Said : His old passport and documents were stollen from his office , So when he applied for new one ,They have told him that; he can not leave the country.

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