Sunday, February 06, 2005

Why Islamic Republic Harrasses the children's rights advocates?

Gooya News Persian - "Azad Zamani" , The secretary of the " Association in Defense of Children's Rights " in the city of Sanandaj, Has been summoned to the Ministry of Information and " Amaken " office *1 .At 9:00 am Saturday Feb. 5 / 2005 , The agents from the ministry through telephone has informed this issue to the association and at 12 :00 noon time personally attended in the office of the association in Sanandaj and asked for Mr. Azad Zamani . The agents demanded that Mr. Zamani must come to their office till 4: 00 pm.
The agents from " Amaken " also demanded that he will show himself in their office too.The summoning news made the people as well as the members of the association worried . It is needed to say that the " Association in Defense of Children's rights " is a Non-Governmental Organization.
Amaken Office = Is a department run by the Guardians corps / Sepahe Pasdaran .


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