Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Feb. 20,2006
News update; Gooya news online reporting from "Advar" news.

Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's wife ) in a letter spoke about Ganji's situation in prison!

She said that; only 28 days have remained from his 6 years sntence. She also wrote:
Today is Monday Feb.20, 2006 , and it is exactly 171 days that Mr. Ganji is in solitary confinement ( security cell Alef-2 with minimum living condition for a human being ). The last time he came out of prison for medical purposes was 9 months ago . The last meeting we had with him was 2 weeks ago.
In the letter she spoke about the harsh condition of prison , his medical situation , his physical condition and about food & medicine limitation.She infact explained about his condition which is as follows:
Back pain, severe pain in knees, stomach pain , varicoses , low blood pressure, physical weakness.
She said it is exactly 28 days have left from his 6 years sentence.We are counting moments for the arrival of that day, I hope a time will come that i won't have to write what kind of oppression i and my children faced.
They think if they remove the name of Ganji from the media , their behaviour with Ganji and people like Ganji's will be forgotten.
She then compared the end life of thoes who have done harm to Ganji with the regime of Iraq and the undemocratic regime in eastern bloc.

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--- In another news from Iran the Association of Syndicate Journalists of Iran chose Mr. Ganji together with 4 other journalists as the top journalists who have done great work for the country, journalism and freedom of expression. The award will be presented to them on May the 3rd on International Press Freedom Day.

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