Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Feb. 16, 2006
News from Iran - Iran Emrooz online reporting from Radio Farda :

Another Zahra Kazemi ?

The newspapers in Tehran reported : "Ms. Elham Afrotan" the 20 years old imprisoned journalist , have commited suicide inside the jail and the governor of "Hormozgan" have confirmed the report !

Radio Farda - The newspapers in Tehran wrote : " Elham Afrotan" the 20 years old journalist who have been in the Islamic Republics detention for a written article in the "Tamadon Hormozgan" newspaper have commited suicide and the "Hormozgan" governor have confirmed the news.
This young journalist took an article from an internet site and published it in the local "Bandar Abas" newspapers , the general manager of these newspapers is an MP from the city of Bandar Abas to the 7th parliament, the article compared Ayatollah Khomeini and other Islamic Republic officials to Aids virus .A virus that Iran and Iranian become infected. Although two days before the article was going to be published the main writer of the article annouced that he is fully responsible for writing the article and not Ms. Elham Afrotan , he said that she didn't have had any responsibility towards the Aids article. So at the end she lost her life on this article.The RSF in its last week communique warrned about her execution because of charges that was leid on her.

Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji the lawyer and human rights defender who is currently residing in Paris in an interview with Radio Farda Said:
This is not the first time they kill someone in the Islamic Republic and then naming it as suicide.then Mr. Lahiji spoke about a series of misterious suicide which has a history in the Islamic Republic.He said that; unfortunately the judiciary power in Iran and other law making assemblies are not independant from political power and therefore the families of the victime lose hope in asking for a real investigation.He said: I believe the Islamic Republic must annouce about the death ,suicide or the murder of this lady.

Mr. Mohsen Armin a member of the commission number 90 which deals in public complaint or other issues and was a member of the previous parliament and also a reformist and is the one who disclosed the truth abouth the death of Zahra Kazemi , recently said :

The general manager of the newspaper who is the member of the parliament have said that this lady must be executed . I aske him if someone insulted the leader of the Islamic Republic must be executed?

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