Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Feb. 2,2006
News update- Gooya newsonline reporting from "Radio Farda" :

An interview with a Public Transit Worker who is on strike !
The security agents are preventing the public Transit Workers to go back to their work !
Masud Malek ( Radio Farda ) :

The actions of the Islamic Republic in suppressing the protest of the Public Transit Workers ( Sherkat Wahed) and the atmosphere of fear and horror among the PTW and their families are being continued. Mr. Hasan Mohammadi one of the syndicate activist who is also under prosecution by the Islamic Republic, in an interview with Radio Farda spoke about the latest news and views on the situation :Today ( Wednesday ) several spouses of our colleagues were gathered in front of the parliament and were demanding for the release of their dear one. But unfortunately none of the officials found themselves responssible to response to them and did nothing. In any case these women decided to continue their protest in front of the Tehran court of revolution on Saturday Feb.4 , 2006 . We invite any people whose husband , wife or member of the family are detained to come their and demand for their freedom.
Tonight still we are on the run and does not have a fixed location , with this cold weather of Tehran , but well , when we hear good news from inside the prison, we feel warm. Our friend in the prison found a way to speak to us and asked us to move these movement ahead. And from this place i want to tell them that as much as we can we will do resist, and if one day they didn't hear from us they must know that we are no longer alive.
On Tuesday night Mrs. Hayat Gheibi was released and her children were very happy, we hope that their father too will soon be released and all these fathers will get back to their homes, Today again they prevented many of the workers to go to work , they are asking them to bring a letter from the office of the " Herasat" ( an intelligent office in Sherkat Wahed) . They have taken the cousin of Mr. Wahab Mohammadi as a hostage so that our colleague Wahab will give himself up. We asked him not to give himself to the regime and stay with us. The situation is still dangerous , and as we spoke with our colleagues they have recieved a coupon for 50,000 Tuman which they said is the money of their colleagues being in prison. Strike is one of the legal way to recieve our rights and is a known practice everywhere in the world but in Iran it is different.
I would like to say to all the people around the world and news agency that our action is just a syndicate action and not political , we do not have problem with the system , only we are demanding for our rights, the poverty and prostitution is in its highest stage, crime is showing its face in a tragic way which was not experienced at all in Iran, unfortunately these goes back to the lack of management , I have fought two years in the war front for this country but i have difficulty with the managers and believe for their reform.

Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

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