Friday, January 27, 2006

Saturday Jan. 28,2006
News in brief- Iran-Emrooz online reporting from ILNA :

The great success of "Data Company" !
National data base filtering will take place in the coming three months and therefore all of the websites in the country will be somehow filtered !

Engineer Mr. Reza Rashidi the managing director of the Information Technology Co.( Data ) have said : In the committee for finding the regulation for filtering the ministry of telecommunication will assist the technical discussion.
He said : The national filtering database will prevent the difficulties and mistakes in filtering the sites due to similarity of wordings.
Mr. Rashidi also added that : The agreement of Filtering Information Bank is under the control of an internal company.Delta Global Co. is an Iranian company which has signed the agreement.
Mr. Rashidi said: We are trying to increase the STN1 of the Data Company all over Iran. And we are trying to bring the number from 11 to 200 . And we must have more modern equipement and the agreement was signed for this reason. About central security operations ( SOC) the general manager said: This project is going to be completed and we are in the stage of recieving the equipement and tools. He said : The issue of security is not only the equipement but also to have the knowledge. He said: ( Soc) can identify the infilteration,This project can be used in infiltration of the viruses net . At present we are working on bringing stronger security in Data Net .

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