Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Jan. 26,2006
News update on Arash Sigarchi court case.
Iran Emrooz Online reporting from "Iran Ma" :

Arash Sigarchi is arrested !

Arash Sigarchi , the editor of " Gilan Emrooz " newspaper is sentenced to three years imprisonment and is detained in " Rasht" prison !

Based on the news reported by Iran Emrooz online from "Irane Ma" , Arash Sigarchi the journalist of "Iran Ma" newspaper is arrested.
According to other news coming from Iran, Arash Sigarchi attended for an appeal court hearing and was arrested and detained. The appeal court was deciding on his 14 years sentence which was issued against him previousely by the Gilan court of revolution.
Arash Sigarchi is also a blogger and was running a blog named " Panjereh Eltehab" . And he was given 14 years imprisonment based on his writing in this blog. Arash is 28 years old and his charges are " espionage and insult to the leader " .But in reality his charges are his media activities and his writing on his blog.
IRAN WATCH CANADA will follow the news and will bring you the latest on Arash Sigarchi.

This is the his site:

Link to this news in Farsi:

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