Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Jan. 25,2006
News Updates:

The site of Gooya newsonline reporting from "ILNA" : Three students from the University of " Lorestan " were suspended for two terms from education.

As usual , the " diciplinary Committee " of the university of Lorestan has postponed the education of three students for two terms.

Mr. Arash Khandel, the member of central council of the " Association of Islamic Students" of Lorestan University announced the news to ILNA reporter. He said the students were charged with " instigating for students gathering" and " holding an illegal election" .
He said: A few days ago election of the Association of Islamic Students of Lorestan University was held and five students were elected to its central council but after a few days on the pretext that the election was illegal three students were banned for two terms from education.
He said : After issuing sentences for me and two others from our association , we were banned from entering to university. He added : A few days ago , In a letter to us they indicated that our suspension will start from next semester . this means that we have been suspended for three terms from continuing our education.
Mr. Khandel said: Yesterday they have banned us from entering to the campus dorm. and they told us that we have a few hours to pack up our belonging .

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