Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday Jan. 24,2006
News in brief- Gooya news reporting from "ISNA" :
Two students from "Zanjan" University have been summoned and detained !
The head of the Association of Islamic Students of Zanjan University reported that ; two students of Zanjan University have been summoned and detained.
Mr. Amirhosein Kheirifam have told to the political reporter of ISNA that; Mr. Yashar Hakakpoor and Ms. Reihaneh Poorghani are the two student activist who were working more on the student publication of this university.
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IRAN WATCH CANADA: After the new president took the office the pressure on students was intensified. The students are being summoned to a " diciplinary committee" within the university jurisdiction and are being either detained or expelled from university or suspended for few semesters.
Another news - Gooya news from "ILNA " :
"Arash Sigarchi" the blogger and journalist who was last year sentenced by the Gilan court of revolution to 14 years imprisonment , in a recent court hearing by the Gilan court of appeal his sentence was reduced to three years imprisonment.
Arash in speaking with the reporter from ILNA said : In the early of this week i attended to the Gilan court of appeal and they have told me that ; the order of the division number one of the court have been issued and my sentence was reduced from 14 years imprisonment to three years.
Aras was the editor of the " Gilan Emrooz " newspaper . He was charged with " Collaboration with the hostile american government " by interview with Radio Farda , " Insult to the leader " , " Insiting people to disturb the national security" and " propaganda against Islamic Republic".
Arash Sigarchi, after spending 60 days in prison was realsed by a bail of " One billion Rials ".

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In another news from ISNA ; another student from Tabriz University who's name is Mr. Heidar Zahedi will go on trial . He is chrged with " action against national security" and " publication of lies".
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