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Saturday Jan. 14,2006

News Update - On Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani the lawyer and human rights defender

Iran-Emrooz online reporting from "Aftab" :

This bail is an extension of imprisonment !

Shireen Ebadi, the Noble Peace Prize winner : The 800 Million Tuman bail for Soltani doesn't have any legal explanation !

" Aftab" : Mrs. Shireen Ebadi called the 800 Million Tuman bail for Abdolfath Soltani as illegal !

Mrs. Ebadi , one of the lawyer for Mr. Soltani in speaking with the political reporter of " Aftab" announced that : According to the provisions of The legal penal procedure the amount of bail must be in harmony with the personality of the accused and the reasons for charges. Mr. Soltani is one of the prominent lawyer in Iran ,he is member of the board of "Association of Lawyers" and one of the founder of " Association of Human Rights Defenders" who three years ago have recieved a human rights award from Jacques Chirac the president of France.
This shows that; those who have issued this $900,000 bail did not consider the personality of the accused.
Mrs. Ebadi about the charges of Mr. Soltani said: " The most important charges against Mr. Soltani was that he is against the Islamic Republic which upto now was not proven , even if this be proven , he just have expressed his opinion and the freedom of expression and opinion have been cosidered in the constitution.

She said : This bail has no legal explanation because everyone knows the living situation of Mr. Soltani . He does not recieve money from more than 80% of his clients.
She added : Not only his family , but also my family is unable to pay this amount.

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