Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday Jan. 9,2006
News in brief- urgent action needed
Picture- shows stoning to death ( " Sangsar" ) of a woman
Gooya newsonline reporting from " Zanane Iran" - reporter :Asieh Amini

A woman's life in danger , she will be executed !

The execution of Ms." Azam Farbad Ghareh Shiran " which was stoped by her lawyers request for redress of grievances, is going to take place because the request of the lawyers has been rejected by the head of the judiciary power ( judiciary office in "Shiraj" ) .

One of the lawyer of Ms. Azam Ghareh Shiran by speaking on this matter to the site of " Zanane Iran " said: The charges of Ms. Ghareh Shiran was supervision with intention to murder her husband Mr. Abdollah Ranjbar which according to her confession was commited in the year 1997.
Ms. Elham Fahimi one of the lawyer of Ms. Azam said that : In our openion her charges is not "supervision" but " assist to murder " and in our defence we have emphasized on that. We too , believe that Ms. Azam is guilty of crime and believe that she must be punished but not punishment by execution and according to her confession she just helped the murderer but not supervision.
At this time the murderer was able to ask from the victimes family to forgive him and the family ( father and mother of victim) did so, however did not forgive their daughter inlaw.
Ms. Azam Ghare Shiran ( around 35 years of age) in the year 1997 went to court and requested for divorce and during the review of the case the court noticed that her husband was disappeared then as the court followed the case Ms. Azam and another man who was coming to her house and at the begining was saying that he is the brother of Azam ,were arrested . Azam and Abbas confessed that together they murdered her husband, so both of them were charged in murdering Mr. Abdollah Ranjbar .
Ms.Azam have said that her husband was a drug addict and when she was just 15 years old , she was forced to marry her , that he was jobless and was unable to have income for the family and for his drug addiction, therefore , after sometime he decided to abuse her sexually . According to her 2 times she went to court for divorce but no result ( because it needs the approval of the man ).
The husband brings many people to his house to have sex with her and later started to do the same with her 9 years old daughter and one of the man was Mr. Abbas who later looked at Azam different than the other man and killed Azams husband and droped the body in the river .
Now , she is waiting for her execution . The lawyers (Ms Shadi Sadr and Ms. Fahimi )only hope is to aske the victimes family to forgive her .

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