Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday Jan. 4,2006
News in brief:
Gooya newsonline reporting from "ILNA ":
Nikahang Kowsar's court case was adjourned to Monday March 13, 2006 !
Tehran - ILNA :

A court session to deal with the charges of Nikahang Kowsar , the caricaturist of the banned newspapers which was supposed to take place in division number 1083 of Tehran's public court with Judge Hoseinian as the presiding judge, was adjourned to Monday March 13 of this year.According to the report by ILNA's reporter , in the court session of this caricaturist, representative of public prosecutor and also representative from " Seda va Sima" ( Government TV and Radio station)who are the complainant of the case were present but because of the absence of the accused , Mr. Hoseinian the judge of the case adjourned the hearing to Monday March 13 ,2006 .
This caricaturist was charged with offences as" insult" and the complainants are Mr. Ali Larijani the former head of the " Seda va Sima " organization and Mr. Mesbah Yazdi the chair of the " emam Khomeini Educational Institute " .
Below this news in Persian:
جلسه رسيدگي به اتهامات نيك
آهنگ كوثر، كاريكاتوريست روزنامه
‌هاي توقيف شده كه قرار بود در شعبه 1083 دادگاه عمومي تهران به رياست قاضي حسينيان برگزار شود، تجديد و به 23 اسفند ماه سال جاري موكول شد.به گزارش خبرنگار "ايلنا"، در جلسه دادگاه اين كاريكاتوريست،

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