Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday Jan. 3,2006
News Update on Ganji.
Iran-Emroozonline reporting from Emrooz:

Ganji's wife offered a proposal to Ahmadinejad( The president ) !
Mrs. Masumeh shafiei in a letter spoke about her meeting with Ganji and her worries about his situation!
On Sunday Jan.1/2006 , finally after 44 days without news and bann on visitation , we were able to meet Mr. Ganji in Evin prison. This was Mr. Ganji's 2nd meeting with his dughters and mother after 130 days.Mr. Molaei the lawyer of Ganji was also present. Mr. Ganji is still in a security prison of "alef-2 " and his situation is still like before. Aside from the problems that was said before he developed a new digestion desease .
we have to ask the officials that why they have transfered Ganji from public cell to a solitary confinement like security one " alef-2" ?..............
Mr. Ahmadinejad offered for a series of scientific sessions between Islamic and European philosophers about Human Rights and preparation of report on freedom of expression and freedom of pen, prisons situation and...... and asked its judgement be left to world openion. I, as a citizen welcome this offer and propose this report be prepared from solitary confinement cell of "alef 2" ( the Evin Guantanamo) and since your government known as " the government of kindness and justice " send your representative together with several photojournalist and independant reporter to this cell, so that everyone can see a typical prison situation of the Islamic Republic that what has left from the prisoners is just skin and bone. Prisoners that have become captive because of telling the truth and voiced the critical dialogue on irresponsive power. if you are honest and not affraid of the report start from here because " it is what you walk not what you talk" . Certainly you can't just by painting, cleaning , changing the bed sheets and...hide the real violation of human rights from the prisoners. Because by seeing his thin body , yellowish face and by touching his cold hand everything can become more and more evident.

Masumeh Shafiei
The 2081 days imprisonment of Ganji
& the 123 days of his solitary confinement

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

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