Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Jan. 6,2006
Picture- Shireen Ebadi & Mohammad Ali Dadkhah

News in brief-
Gooya newsonline reporting from " Nasre Ma" :

"Mehrabad" Airport security prevented Madame Shireen Ebadi ( The Noble Prize Winner ) to travel to the city of "Isfahan" !
" Nasre Ma" : With intervention of Mehrabad Airport security forces and for not issuing exit permit to Madame Shireen Ebadi and Mr.Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, they were unable to attend in the innagural ceremony of coming into existance of " Association of Human Rights supporters of Isfahan " .
However , the organizers by using the phone ,were able to cover the speech of Madame Shireen Ebadi and Mr. Dadkhah for their ceremony.
In a short conversation Shireen Ebadi said:" I am sorry that i was unable to be with you and to share with you the happy moments of establishing the Support Association ....
She also said that; At this sensetive historic stage of dear Iran, paying attention to the matters of human rights is the pressing needs of our society.Many are trying to divert the public minds from the importance of human rights to secondary issues.......
She also said: Those people who are opposing with freedom of discourse and created a rough wall for not to hear the word of right, their wall won't stay long.
Then Mr. Hagh Panah one of the founder of this association said:
the reason for establishing the association is because of the :
1- sensetive situation of the last year
2-Most of the ministers and managers of the country have military experience and the rights of the people are in danger.
3- to defend the rights of religious minorities
4- to defend the histric sites of Isfahan
5-to defend the social rights
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