Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Jan. 10,2006

Picture - Mr. Sebghati and the media controler
News in brief-
ISNA online reporting from Iran:

Mr. Iraj Sebghati was elected as representative of the directors of "Non Governmental News Agencies" in the board of media watchdog !
According to the ISNA the deputy of the media relation& broadcasting announced that :" In electing the director of the Non Governmental news agencies which was held at the media relation& broadcasting office with the presence of the 8 directors of the news agencies , Mr. Iraj Sebghati was elected with relative majority of the vote as the representative of the directors ".

Other present were: Mr. Parviz Esmaili the director of the" Mehr News Agency" and Mr. Mahmud Reza Amini the director of the" Moj News Agency ". Also Mr. Mehdi Fazeli From "Fars News Agency" and Mr. Mostafa Ajorlu from "Iran Sport Ipna" .

All of the above were candidate for the position .

The board will resume its activity with the presence of : Minister of Culture & Islamic Guidance , The deputy of media relation , managing director of Islamic Republic Agency, a director from NGO news agencies chosen by themselves, a professor of law chosen by minister of education and 2 expert in the field of communication & information chosen by the government council on broadcasting .
Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:


Does the regime in Iran knows what is hapening in Iran?

This is being called a democracy " Islamic Republic " style. whom the regime is going to fool? Iranian intellectuals ? of course not , it is a policy of throwing a stone in the dark . It is because, for the Islamic Republic it is too late to fool the Iranian intellectuals. Perhaps regime is trying to fool the UN and world NGO's and its own supporters and may be some moslem around the world.

In fact all the above News Agencies are the AGO's and not NGO's. and the elected director is the best candidate in censoring and banning the independent media. Iranian intellectuals are not blind and they dont buy this , because they can easily find the past and present activity of the elected director.He is infact the director of the most fanatic news agencies close to Ahmadinejad.

The reality is that; the regime is unable to control the growing number of Iranian striving for human rights and independent mind and learning how to deal with this regime best with less human casulties and economic damages. Iranian intellectuals , Iranian students , teachers, bloggers, writers , journalists , women , lawyers , workers and political activists are aware .
In fact it is the regime that is unaware of what is hapening in Iran.


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