Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Jan. 21,2006
Gooya Newsonline reporting from Iran:
"Advar News" : Letter from Masumeh Shafiei on the coming of Akbar Ganji's 3000 days of imprisonment !
She reported that; On last thursday Jan. 19,2006 she have met her husband. She said: " they informed us that; together with Mr. Molaie ( Ganji's lawyer ) at 3:00pm to be in Evin prison to meet Ganji. But in order we the family member to have more time to speak with him ,Mr. Molaie the lawyer decided not to meet with Ganji at this time. Together with family members we went to the gate of Evin prison, after an hour finaly they brought Ganji , his physical condition was same as before, 50 kg weight, yellowish feature and older, with low blood pressure ( his cold body was the indication) and a body with skin and bone with long beard and dishevelled hair.
He is still in the same security cell( Alef- 2 ), the doctor in the prison prescribed for him to have MRI for his back and the whole nervous system, this was our third meeting with him after 148 days. From Ganji's 6 years imprisonment 2 months have left. So Ganji should be out by March 21st.

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