Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Jan. 25, 2006
News in brief-

Gooya newsonline reported from Tabriz news that : "Mr. Amin Movahedi" a journalist in the city of "Meshkin Shahr" have been beaten and tortured !

Mr. Peyman Pakmehr the reporter from Tabriz News ( , have reported that: "Mr. Amin Movahedi" a journalist is residing in " Meshkin Shahr " in the province of "Ardebil" . The brother of Mr. Movahedi have told to the reporter that , after his brother was arrested the security agents beat him up and also tortured him and then after three days detention they have released him on bail.

"Mr. Amirhosein Movahedi" the brother of the journalist ( Amin Movahedi ) have told to Tabriz news reporter that :His brother wrote an article in the local Ardebil publications about the air pollution and its cancerous effect . After writing this article; at around 10:00pm on Friday Jan. 20 , 2006 he was arrested in his home by the security agents with the warrant from judiciary power of the region and then he was transfered to a security place and was beaten and tortured.
He said: In detention they punched him to the face and eyes and they beat him with an object like a rod(bar) , the effects of this object was on his body. And he was kept in detention with a very cold environment.

We have reported this to "Ardebil" court of revolution and the assistant to the public prosecutor have seen the torture on the body and he then ordered to my brother ( Amin Movahedi) be seen by medical examiner .

It is needed to say that: Previousely Mr. Amin Movahedi the journalist followed and reported on a company which was polluting the water , fruits , vegetables and poultry to radioactive materials which the news was also approved by NGO's, but despite of evidence he was put behind bars for a year for charges such as: " publication of classified documents" and " creating public unrest" .

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