Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Jan. 27,2006
News in brief- Iran-Emrooz online reporting from ILNA:

The public bus drivers in the capital city of Tehran will stage strike for tomorrow Saturday Jan. 28,2006 !
In protest to the arrest of their leader Mansur Osanlu, the public bus driver will stop driving the bus for several hours.
Previousely , the bus drivers in protest to the violation of their rights also stoped working but soon after when the officials promissed they will look into their demands ,the strike was stoped after 4-5 hours.
According to the report at the time the mayor went among the protesters and promissed that he will solve their problems after three weeks.But upto now nothing has happened.
the bus drivers are asking for an increase in their salary , job security and increase for their shelter expenses.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: It seems that the Islamic Republic officials keeping their ears and eyes closed on all these cry for freedom ,demands for human rights, reform and protests. The tidal wave of protest and a tsunami will hit Iran if all the social forces will join together because one particular group may make noise but not so loud, so , it is needed to join together under the banner of human rights .

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